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Sports Pilates is becoming a much more fundamental element of training regimes, whether it is a team sport like Rugby or Football or individual sport like Tennis, Athletics or Endurance Training.

It is a set of principles designed to help improve the quality of movement.

Regular practice of Pilates will enhance your performance in sport and maximize body control. Pilates also helps in the prevention of injuries.

Prevention is always better than cure. Keep this in the forefront of your mind and you will have the physical and mental advantage over your sporting opponent.

Pilates is non intrusive and ideal for strengthening and lengthening muscles to prevent and heal injuries caused as a by product of your sport.

Pilates helps to increase individual power by concentrating on often unstable positions used in your sport.

Private one to one classes are available and Modern LJ Pilates also offers mixed or men only classes subject to demand.

One to Ones and small Group Prices

Posture Assessments are to be carried out prior to your tone to one training at £35.00 per person unless otherwise stated.

Posture assessments are reviewed annually so we can make sure you are getting the most out of your training for the year and see how adaptions and progressions to the programmes are working for you.

Please allow an hour maximum for me to complete the posture assessment and an hour and a half for 2 people.

Prices based on a block of 6 sessions at my gym/studio or the clients home/gym

One to Ones £210.00, includes initial posture assessment

2 people £400 in total, includes 2 posture assessments

3 people £450 in total,  posture assessment seperate

4 people £480 in total, posture assessment seperate

Team Prices

Prices on application, please call 07970 814085 or email